Sunday, May 21, 2017

Alice's Grandaughter- Tea Party

Watercolor 12x12
Finally finished this for a friend. Such a cute photo and precious little girl, But no more portraits!

Kanuga Workshop

 Ladies on a Bench
David and the dogs

These are two painting I did at Kanuga Watermedia Workshops in Sandy Maudlin's Yupo Class.
The top is a process where you pour fluid acrylics on yupo and let it dry then draw your painting over the pour and use alcohol to remove the whites and paint in the darks leaving the pour as the mid-value with some tweaking with watercolor along the way.  The second is a photo of my husband and dogs that I did on yupo using a tape batik method. Taping out the lightest value, painting, taping again, painting... until you are all the way to the darkest value- then peel all the tape off and tweak with watercolor. A fun week!