Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Where Shall We Eat? Florida Relations and Mountain Magnolia

I have spend the better part of the past six weeks at our house in the mountains and have enjoyed some luxury time to paint and contemplate.  These are the results.  "Where Shall We Eat?" is a watercolor 8x15 inspired by a early spring midday in downtown Greenville. "Florida Relations" was inspired by a 1950's black and white photo in the cashe of family photos.  You may ask why didn't I do the faces?  Well my inspiration was not from the faces but from the obvious relationships of the couples.  This was my first attempt at painting a large oil painting 24x36 and I enjoyed it.  "Mountain Magnolia" came from a photo I took in the mountains.  For years I walked right by these trees without noticing these great blooms. Mountain Magnolia is another name for what is a Fraseri Magnolia native to the Appalachian Mountains. I guess an alternative title could be "LOOK UP"  Another oil painting 10x20